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SafeGuard Travel Trailer Covers - Guaranteed to fit your vehicle - Zippered panels & elastic corners - Attached nylon straps - FREE storage bag included - 5 year warranty - $35 FedEx Ground Shipping in continental US

5 Year Warranty on All Boat and RV Covers! RV and Boat Expert Center Articles: Guides, Tips and How-To's


SafeGuard Premium Travel Trailer Cover 3-Ply
  • Zippered panels allow access to the door, engine and both side storage areas
  • Adjustable front and rear tension panels provide a custom-like fit
  • Triple layer polypropylene top panel beads water on contact provides maximum resistance to rainfall and snow
  • Heavy duty single layer polypropylene sides
  • Prevents mold, mildew and ice buildup
  • Vent flaps eliminate wind lofting and inside moisture
  • Elastic corners for fast and easy fitting
  • Tough interlocking seams
  • Free storage bag and tie-down rope included
  • 5-year warranty
3-Ply Travel Trailer
Vehicle Length Price     Availability
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20-22 ft. $229 Details Add to Cart
22-24 ft. $249 Details Add to Cart
24-27 ft. $279 Details Add to Cart
27-30 ft. $299 Details Add to Cart
30-33 ft. $299 Details Add to Cart
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How to measure your Travel Trailer

The length of your vehicle is typically located on a slip of paper inside one of the cabinets or in the owner's manual. If the paper and manual are missing you will need a tape measure and one another person to measure your vehicle.

1. Place one end of the tape measure on the edge of the rear bumper. Have a friend hold the end of the tape measure in place.

2. Place the tape measure on the edge of the opposite bumper.

3. Read the measurement. This is the official length of your vehicle.

Measuring a Class A RV

Note about roof equipment (i.e. air conditioners) and bumper accessories (i.e. tanks): All of our covers are design with enough extra play to fit over roof equipment (i.e. air conditioners) and bumper accessories (i.e. tanks). The cover will simply sit a little higher on the side of your RV where the roof equipment or bumper accessory is located. You do NOT need to add anything to the measurement of your vehicle.

Note about vehicle lengths that are with two part numbers: If you find that two different part numbers include your exact vehicle length, always choose the smaller of the two part numbers. Otherwise the cover will be too large and will not fit properly.

How to install your cover

Warning: Installation is best done with two people. Never install on a windy day or when your vehicle roof is wet or icy. Please take care whenever you are on a ladder or the roof.

To install the cover, proceed as follows:

  1. Cover any sharp edges on your vehicle with tape that could wear against your cover. Lower any roof antennas.
  2. Unroll the cover on the roof of your RV.
  3. On smaller RV your cover can be installed with ladders or by pulling it over the sides with tie ropes. (Be sure not to snag the cover on the top). On larger RV it’s easiest to install your cover from the roof. Carefully climb up on the roof pulling the cover front with you. Lower the front of your cover down over the front of your trailer then carefully move toward the back pulling the cover and letting it fall down the sides of your trailer. It may help to unzip the 2 acess panels on either side of the cover. Climb down the rear and pull the back end of the cover down the back of the trailer.
  4. Zip all the cover panels closed and pull the corners down. Locate the Tension panels in the front and back and use the supplied rope and adjust them to fit your cover to the exact length of the front and rear of your vehicle.
  5. Once the length of the nose of the cover is correctly adjusted, locate one of the supplied ropes and the eylets sewn in along the flaps that fold in under the trailer. Tighten the rope and tie it off opposite each other. Repeat with the other side.
  6. Adjust the rope length to fit your trailer. Don’t over tighten—the rope should be snug, not drum tight.

Please Note! Your cover is for storage only. Do not attempt to travel with the cover on, or partially on. Contact with hot surfaces such as exhaust systems will damage the cover.

Caution! Always take care when walking on the roof of your RV. SafeGuard Covers and our parent company takes no responsibility for accidents or damage resulting from walking on the roof of the RV. Avoid walking on the cover because you may slip and fall. Whenever possible, use two people to install the cover. Do not attempt to install the cover in windy conditions.

Cleaning Instructions: The cover may be cleaned by spraying with a hose and/or using a solution of mild soap and water, and a soft brush. Don’t use abrasive cleaners or harsh brushes. Rinse with hose and allow to dry completely before folding for storage.

Warranty: If this cover fails due to a defect in workmanship and materials within five (5) years from the date of purchase SafeGuard Covers will repair or replace it free of charge. Trailering or towing your vehicle wheel with your cover on will invalidate the warranty. This warranty gives you specific rights and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.

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